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Braking Methods

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Motorhome A-frames are becoming increasingly popular as motorhome owners realise the benefits of taking a nippy little car with them when touring.

Originally, A Frames were developed for military use. Towing secondary lighter vehicles behind larger more immobile equipment. Then as the system became more widely available, Land Rovers were towed behind Steam Engines and now many different cars are towed behind many different Motor Homes.

Our TowFrame is manufactured here in Stoke On Trent using best quality BS steel. The hitch is supplied by Al-Ko and the whole unit can be folded up to fit in any car boot (Including a Smart!).

They are designed and fitted to various model cars and vehicles with very few exceptions and you’ll find it much easier to get around those tight Italian town centres in a Mini than in your motorhome and yet while you’re on the motorways getting there, you’ll hardly notice you’re towing a car.

Braking Methods
Braking Methods

Electronic Braked AFrame

Thin and light design:
RVibrake2 is the smallest and easiest to use auxiliary braking system on the market. Unlike other portable braking systems, RVibrake2’s housing pushes against the floor pan (the rise in the floor where the driver’s seat is mounted) in the tow vehicle instead of the soft seat when activating. This allowed RVibrake2 to be designed as small as possible making RVibrake2 easy to install and easy to stow. (15% thinner than RVibrake)

One-Touch Auto Positioning:
This is truly one of a kind technology. Push the green Auto Start button on RVibrake2’s control panel and watch RVibrake2’s actuator push on the brake pedal 5 times, positioning the housing against the seat pan automatically. RVibrake2’s One-Touch Auto Positioning technology allows for a perfect install every time, no guessing if RVibrake2 was installed properly!


2nd Generation Technology – (2.0 Software)

Tire Pressure Sensors:
RVibrake Tire Pressure Sensors are the easiest to use tire pressure sensors available. Simply enable the sensors on RVibrake2’s Wireless Monitor, thread them onto the towed vehicle’s tire stems, and you’re ready to go! (sensors sold separately)

Battery Protection:
Built upon RVibrake’s 1.0 software battery monitoring, RVibrake2 monitors your towed vehicle’s battery voltage output as well as RVibrake2’s draw on the towed vehicle’s battery.

Truly proportional:
RVibrake is the only portable braking system that is truly proportional because it pushes against the solid floor pan and not the seat cushion. The harder you brake in the motorhome the harder RVibrake2 pushes on the brake pedal of your towed vehicle. RVibrake2’s proportional technology provides smooth operation in moderate braking, or panic braking situations.

Wireless Monitor:
The Wireless Monitor will allow you to make adjustments to RVibrake2’s settings while traveling, as well as monitor performance.

Features include:

  • Bar graph display of when the towed vehicle is braking
  • Manual Brake Test activation
  • Towed Vehicle low battery indication
  • Audible Break-Away alert
  • Tire Pressures (When enabled)

Lightning Fast Installation: (60 second installation1)

  • Attach the brake pedal clevis onto the brake pedal
  • Plug the power cord into the towed vehicle’s 12-volt outlet
  • Press the Auto Start button on the control panel
  • RVibrake2’s adjustable actuator will push on the pedal 5 times, moving the housing into the same position every install
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