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Solar Solutions

Monocrystalline Solar Solutions

for your Motorhome/CaravanPanel Kit

These are high quality solar panels are manufactured to exacting quality and safety standards. These panels are of a light manageable construction, being housed in an aluminium case, but offering a robust and weather proof panel, meeting the MCS, CE and ISO Standards.

The panels are constructed with Bypass-Diodes, helping to prevent the risk of any individual solar cells overheating, known as the hot spot effect.

80 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel – Kit Fitted £ 475 (Twin £ 595)

Typical current output at load: Approximately 56 amps per day, with limited 20 year manufacturers output warranty.

Dimensions (mm):
Length:895mm Width:668mm Depth:3mm Weight (Kg):7.6 kg

100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel – Kit Fitted £ 525 (Twin £ 675)

Typical current output at load: Approximately 70 amps per day, with limited 20 year manufacturers output warranty.

Dimensions (mm):
Length:1040mm Width:670mm Depth:34mm Weight (Kg):12kg

120 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel – Kit Fitted £ 545 (Twin £ 725)

Typical current output at load: Approximately 84 amps per day, with limited 20 year manufacturers output warranty.

Dimensions (mm):
Length:1250mm Width:670mm Depth:34mm Weight (Kg):12.5kg

To calculate which kit is correct for you, divide your battery AH capacity by how many days your battery lasts until it reaches just below 12v from full. F

or example, 110ah divided by 2 days until flat = 55 amps. For this example you will need a kit that will generate above 55ah per day.     

Solar Solutions
Solar Solutions
Solar Solutions

We sell 2 different styles of Edge Mounts. You need to add these dimensions also:-
Edge Mounts add 200mm to overall length, Corner mounts 300mm to both length and width.
As these solar panels are topping up your auxiliary batteries continuously, they offer a perfect environmentally friendly solution for all your energy needs in the caravan or motor home. Providing clean free power for many years to come.

Why not top up the Engine battery as well – £ 75 additionDuoSolar
If you have a need to keep your engine battery topped because your vehicle is left parked up, then we can fit a duo-charge relay.

The wiring system has to be linked to both your leisure and engine systems and gives you that constant reassurance that you’ll always start.

Solar Solutions

If you decide on the Twin kit, then why not not look at the MPPT Controller – additional £ 60 Charge controllers are designed to charge batteries. The MPPT controllers are more efficient than regular PWM controllers. We tested our MPPT charge controllers against standard controllers and have seen up to 30% improvement in efficiency, particularly in partially shaded and overcast conditions. MPPT controllers are particularly useful when used with multiple panels or panels where the output is significantly higher than the system (battery) voltage. For example 2 x 12v solar panels in series will output 24v or more.

Also please be advised that the current rating is at the battery voltage, and not the panel voltage and current. To calculate this divide the total panel power in WATTS by the system (battery) voltage.

For Solar Panels or whatever your need, whether for your motor home or caravan, call Towtal on 01782 333422.


01782 333422

An ode to the Solar Panel……

A motorhome solar panel, so bright and so true,
A symbol of freedom, as we travel anew.
It collects the sun’s energy, with every ray it soaks,
And powers our journey, as we explore and provoke.

We roll down the highway, our home on wheels,
With all the comforts, and all the appeals.
The solar panel provides, what we cannot see,
Electricity for our needs, forever more free.

We say goodbye to outlets, and plugs on the wall,
And hello to the beauty, of nature’s call.
The panel is our friend, as we journey on,
Powering our lights, and our electronics beyond.

It’s simple and elegant, a work of art,
A motorhome solar panel, a symbol of heart.
So here’s to our journey, with the sun by our side,
And the memories we make, as we travel and glide.

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